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Mega Media Monday 09.14.09 (Anime BGM Edition - Part 1)

Yes, continuing on our tour of anime music we have to not only address some of the wonderful intro songs, but some of the music that play during the shows as well. Go inside the link for more musical mania!

Fumoffu OST - Soredemo, Aitsu to

Ah! My Goddess! OST 16 Belldandy

Negima!? OST -Cantus I- Taisetsu na Tegami

I have no idea why, but sometimes this paticular track makes me cry.

Suzumiya Haruhi OST - Itsumo no fuukei

This is by far my favorite BGM from the Haruhi Series.

School Rumble - Love is blind

I am pretty sure this is probably my favorite BGM of any anime series to date. This is the track that I scoured the Internet for, and found out that a lot of series do in fact release BGM CDs.

That is it for this week of Mega Media Monday, but not it for our two part BGM/Not Intro/Not Outro series, and is definately not the end of the "anime music" theme that is going on. So join me next week for some music fun, and as always, happy watching!

The Allengator
Tags: ah! my goddess, anime, haruhi, m3, music, negima!?, school rumble

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