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Review: The Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya

Ok, so normally I would go into saying how this would contain spoilers and what not, but even though it actually does, if you have seen the original 14 episodes of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", then you already know about the awesome film "The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina", also known as episode 00. You know, its the one where Asahina plays "a battle waitress from the future". If you have seen this, then there is little I can spoil for you. think of "Sighs" as a look behind the scenes of this

In all honesty, this five part series starts off slow. The first couple of parts are just the preparations for the film (One of the stores gave Haruhi a S_NY camcorder. Heh). All in all, aside from some verbal jabs, it isn't too bad.

Part three is where things get interesting. It starts with Asahina wearing a contact in her eye, and when she does her "Mikuru-beamu", it ends up being a real lazah beam. Remember when Nagato knocks her over and Haruhi accidently gets in the shot? That was Nagato taking the death ray out of Mikuru's eye. Koizumi takes notice, and starts getting all freaky on us.

Part four really ramps up the drama. Ok, so obviously Mikuru has to go through a lot of abuse thanks to Haruhi. She gets death rays, people attacking her, and she gets thrown into a dirty pool in the dead of autumn when it is cold, but Haruhi is still hard on her. Now if Mikuru actually had a backbone, it would be ok, but she doesn't. This is where it gets interesting. The group goes to Tsuruya's place (the girl with the long green hair and wicked laugh) and she gets dried off. This is when we have the scene where she and Koizumi kiss.

While filming, Kyon, who is already in a bad temper, notices that Mikuru is acting funny and is letting Koizumi have his way with her. Tsuruya tells Kyon that Haruhi asked her to slip Mikuru some saki in her drink. Kids, its time for a lesson in Japan culture! Do you know what saki is? ITS BOOZE! So yeah, Mikuru is in a drunken stupor. Knowing this, Koizumi wants to back out of the scene.

So to teach Mikuru some lessons in posture while enibriates, Haruhi starts hitting Mikuru on the head. This sends Kyon off the edge and he starts to verbally assault Haruhi. After some fierce exchanges, Haruhi says something to the effect of "Mikuru is MY TOY". After he hears this, Kyon makes a fist and TOTALLY SMACKS HARUHI!!!! Well, that's what would have happened if Koizumi didn't grab Kyon's fist of rage. Haruhi yells at Kyon for trying to usurp her power or something, and Kyon does everything to make Koizumi let go of his hand. Dude, your left hand isn't being held back. Use that one! Everyone, including the unshakable Tsuruya, looks pretty freaked out by Kyon's hotheadedness and Kyon gives up and everyone leaves for the day.

The next day during lunch Kyon gets mad at Tamaguchi for saying how the film he and the SOS Brigade are making is going to suck, and goes to the clubroom. This is where we get a glimpse of Haruhi trying to make a ponytail (A throwback to part six of Melancholy) and they have a conversation. Humorously enough, Kyon never apologizes and he tells Haruhi he wants them to make the best film evar!

Part five has talking cats. Remember Shamisan, the calico cat who talked during the movie? Well, he makes his first appearance and he has a conversation with Kyon about whether Shamisan knows what Kyon is actually saying and if he realizes the existentialism of his conversational trends. Its actually pretty funny, even in Japanese subtitles. Even more hilarious is Koizumi not being suprised that Shamisan can talk, but that he is both a calico cat and is male! That sound is me ROTFLOL.

So the rest of the filming goes without a hitch as soon as Haruhi realizes that movies are movies and reality is reality. That's not all, as the episode gets freakier. Now I can issue a

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asahina tells Kyon that she disagrees with Koizumi's idea that Haruhi is a god that can create and destroy anything she wants. She believes that Haruhi can only change the present, but not the past or future. You get the feeling that something is brewing below the surface. She ends the conversation by telling Kyon that "Koizumi is not to be trusted". Shocker! Kyon goes to Nagato and she...ok, she confuses the heckarooni out of me, but she claims that not only could Koizumi be lying, but so could Asahina. Kyon then has a conversation with Koizumi and he basically says that everyone has their own theories, and that if one is proven correct over the others, then the unproven ones would cease to exist. He then says something about all these factions, plus many more having wars and bloodshed about this, then takes it back. He then very much implys that Asahina is not to be trusted as well. Hmmm. Who knew there was so much conspiracy behind the happy assortment of freaks in the SOS Brigade?

END SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The episode and arc ends with Kyon telling Haruhi the truth about Nagato, Asahina, and Koizumi. Yes, he tells her that they are an alien, time traveler, and esper, respectively, and gives some details about their backgrounds. Of course she just yells at him for "screwing with her" and storms out of the cafe. HA!

All in all, Sighs was a fitting end to Haruhi 1.5, as it was mostly mediocre, but left some sort of taste in your mouth. You can't quite identify it, but its there. Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody was great! Endless Eight was torture. Sighs was par. All in all, I think it was a barely passable season of episodes. Here's hoping that "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" is soon. I can't imagine how Kadokawa could troll or screw up the epicness of that arc.

Thanks for reading!

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