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A New Favorite Phrase I Hate
Ice King, Adventure Time
Guess what folks, its RANT TIME!

This time is going to be short and sweet. I've been getting this a lot lately, as I rag on my employer more often than not. They give me too many reasons not to do otherwise. Anyways, when I start my rant on the corruptness of the food chain people get on their high horses and say:

"Be thankful you have a job."

Here is the thing. In my mind there is job appreciation and job satisfaction. Two completely different things. Job Appreciation is NOT equal to Job Satisfaction. What I mean by this is that I do appreciate that I have a job so I can pay for my college and be less of a burden to my folks. What I can't stand is the aggrivations my job has.

Let's take sanitation workers for example. I bet they appreciate their jobs that pays the bills and mortgages, but have you ever seen a jolly sanitation worker on the job? I have yet to witness it.

What I want to say to someone that says this is "Hey! Get off your high horse and get yourself a job. Better yet, get a job here and see if you can say the same thing a few years down the road. I know maybe one person who does....kinda. I'm sorry the economy sucks, but its not my fault that I have a job. Dust off that resume and get out there, tiger. You just have to try harder to get a job. So until you can do that, you have no right to say that to me."

Then I would go into the satisfaction vs. appreciation argument.

If there are two groups of people I can't stand, its the self-righteous "be thankfull you have a job" people, and the people who (especially newbies) think Wal-Mart is the greatest thing ever and you should never hate your job!

There was going to be a graphic "both groups should have joined the Donner Party in the western expansion days" scene here, but I decided against it. I wish the best for both groups, and hey, maybe I should come up with a short reply back:

"Be thankful the government supports your basic needs with food stamps."

That may be pouring salt into the wound, but hey, they poured first.

The Allengator


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