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Audio Blog #40

I want to call this one "The Triviality of the Basic American Education System in Respect to History". It sounds like a good thesis paper title. Unfortunately for you guys, you just hear me stammer instead of typing 50 pages of meaningless text.

Download link thingie..

So in addition to my talkings, I think an alternative to these things would be courses on state and federal laws and regulations, plus furthur knowledge on how the government works. We have basic civics when I went to school, but I think more should have been explored than just a rehashing of "the three basic branches" and "checks and balances". Put some real world events and ideas in it, and in my opinion, it will be more pertinent than tons of history classes.

How about your thoughts? Do you agree with the system now? Disagree with my ideas? Do you have a better idea that would work? Think about it and comment below!

The Allengator
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