Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Mixing Hobby With Social Networking

You guys know me. I rip up one side of social networking sites, and down the other. I can't stand them, which is why I am getting rid of some of my profiles on certain sites like Myspace. But here is where it gets weird.

What happens when they mix social networking with a hobby of yours. Lets say you are into stamp collecting, and they decide to open up a full fledged social networking site just for postage stamp collectors. Now true, non-stamp collectors would join, but some sites do keep pure in ways. So....what's the point?

I am asking this from a thing that is coming soon. They are making an otaku/anime social networking site, and I wonder if I should join. Sure, its harmless fun, but I have to sit and think. Ok, most of my friends are not anime freaks like I am. There are probably one or two I think would probably join, but I know most of them would not. So that kind of shoots the "social" aspect of the site out of the water.

One positive thing could be that I could find like-minded people in the area, and we could have meet ups or something. Now that would be cool, and social! Maybe we could get a posse to go to a convention or something. That would make a site like that worthwhile. Here's the thing, geeks/otaku aren't that social. Seriously, if you look up the word "social" in the thesaurus, you will see geek/otaku under the antonyms section.

But that's a stereotype, and that's wrong (though fairly accurate >.>). So I sat there thinking of other ways the site could be beneficial. Maybe there will be groups that could reccomend series to me. Sure, it'll kill my bank account faster than you could say "charge it!", but it would add to my hobby. Maybe we could group together and send messages to companies out there to license (Shakugan no Shana 2. STILL NOT STATESIDE!), dub (Hayate, Kannagi), and releases. The power of many is sometimes stronger than the power of one. We could form a commitee for dubs or something.

Next would be the site aspect. Now, I am going to be shallow and compare it to a site like Facebook. Ok, one main difference is that the site is for anime fans, and there will be "thousands" or videos on there. My question is "what else"? Would we have groups for various anime series and characters? (I would TOTALLY LOVE being the head of a School Rumble group) What would our profiles be like? Would they just classify us by the series we watch/own? What kind of "applications" would the site have? What kind of cosplayer are you? (Remind me to talk about cosplay sometime in the future) I wish I knew more about it.

It may be nothing like most social networking sites. It could just be another place where you offer your email, get more spam, pay for the videos, and not find a hot girlfriend who likes comedy/moe anime.

That's about it. I mean yeah, I'm totally joining the site when it opens, but whether its long-term or a hub remains to be seen.


The Allengator

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