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Mega Media Monday - 09.07.09 (Anime OP Edition)

This week we are kicking off a multi-part series (part 1 of however many the heck I get to) on anime music, and this week we are going to take a look at some of my personal favorite anime OP, or opening themes!

So let's get started on some of my personal favorite music that may or may not be on my mp3 player!

Lucky Star OP Full Dance

From the last episode. Please ignore the Japanese speak for the first few seconds. Its a neat song!

PaniPoni Dash - Roulette Roulette (Kurumi Momose Ver.)

World of Narue OP

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Bouken Desho Desho

Negima!? - 1000% Sparking

Ok, this one might warrant some explaination for someone who hasn't seen the second Negima!? series. Why do they look like chibi animals you ask? Well, they are what we in dubland call "duds", meaning they serve no purpose than glorified paperweights. Who are the frog looking thing and the cat-snake? They are a couple of characters in the anime who actually have little bearing on the story. Where's Negi? Watch the clip at least halfway. Are they duds for the whole opening? No, look at previous answer. All will be better explained when I do my eventual review of the series.

And that's it for this week. I bet I know what you're thinking. "Now since this is a 'series' and he did opening themes this week, then next week he's going to ending themes", right? Well, hate to burst your bubble, but that is not next week. What is going to be on here next week? Well, come by again next week. Did I mention that I get royalty pay everytime I say the phrase "next week"? I totally do (next week)!

I do want some ideas. Even though I have the next few times figured out, I do want ideas because when this is over, I'm going to need them, so send them in the usual ways! I enjoy fulfilling requests and such, so send them in *winky wink*!

So join me next week for more mystery vids, and as always, happy watching!

The Allengator
Tags: anime, haruhi, lucky star, m3, music, negima!?, pani poni dash

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