Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Working on Leaving Myspace

This is something I just posted on my Myspace blog. If you aren't on Myspace, you can pretty much ignore it.

"Hey, long time no blog, or much of anything on here.

That is kind of what's prompting this thought. I rarely use my myspace for anything, and most everyone on my list is on another site...fine, Facebook. I can almost import my lj blog on there, as well as my blog features like Mega Media Monday and stuff. You're missing out if this is the only place you look at my stuff.

Anyways, a lot of my friends have shut down on here and I am following suit. If you have a perfectly legit reason I should stay on here, then by all means let me know in the comments. I've found almost everyone currently on my friends list on facebook, and keeping my online profiles to a minimum is something I prefer, not only for security reasons, but for simplicity sake.

So if youre on here, look for a Facebook add soon if I don't have you on there already. I would love to keep in touch with everyone, and I count all of you as good friends.

Thanks, and talk to you soon!

The Allengator"

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