Allen (allengator86) wrote,

This is, Like, Something I Have to, Like, Rant, Like, Right Now.

I was returning from a trip to Dillons, and was looking for a parking space. I found one that had another empty space adjacent to it.

That was probably my first mistake.

I was eating some of the well-earned Tex Mix trail snack I payed for, and another person parked next to me, and as soon as she parked, she got out her cell, and was yaking.

I should have sensed trouble.

So I was sitting there downing my grape Amp drink, and got out of my car. This was about 5 minutes after she parked there. I figured she would be gone. I was wrong. Somehow, she got out at the same time I did, still gabbing on her cell. What I heard next is the equivalent to verbal diarhea if anyone ever heard it.

She was a valley girl scrub.

Yes, one of those, because every five freakin' seconds, she felt compelled to use the word "like". I have a very low tolerance for excessive "like" users. Normally, I would ignore it, but her voice carried, and her "like" was similar to nails on a chalkboard. It hurt my ears. So I got out and walked towards the building. She had her trunk open, so I figured she would be a little bit.

I was wrong again.

I was about 5 feet in front of her, and I heard the word "like" about 50 million times. It was similar to those scenes you see in a horror film, the victim walking, then doing competetive walking, then jogging, then running for the life from some mysterious scraping noise. I was the victim, and her "like"s were the chasing noise. I sped up my pace, she started to walk faster, and as a result her "like"s were occuring more often. The noise was getting closer.

I was afraid my IQ would go down from abuse of "like".

I was nearly running into the building to go to my SQL Database class. I closed the door, ran down the hallway, worried for my ears. The sound came, closer and closer, and I was constructing a cross out of notebook paper. The sound then went away, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

So the SQL Database class started and it was nice. No more bad language. Then we got into queries.

The topic: Using the keyword LIKE in a query.

There was much crying.

The Allengator

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