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The Anime I am Into, More or Less

Sorry for not posting. I've honestly not only hit a case of writer's block, but with school now in session I've been some busier in my weekly routine. Also, my Mondays have become later than expected as I'm joining a club/society that meets after my last class, but it will be good both for my resume and just being around people who actually think I'm worth being around.

Also, I'm still not over whatever this bad feeling is. Its still going to take time to cope, possibly a lifetime. Honestly, I almost completely blame work, but I have a feeling its more society than anything. I just need some things to lift my spirits I suppose.

One other thing, I've found a (so far) neat anime called "World of Narue". Its only 12 episodes, but I really like it. Its a really sweet tale that has romance and some comedy. I know, I am gushing about a romantic comedy anime. SHOCKER OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!

I actually sort of despise American romantic comedies, as far as movies go. The best one I remember was a TV show called "Boy Meets World". That was by far a tv show that sort of shaped who I am. Since then I've tried finding a show like it. The closest one has come is Ed and Pushing Daisies. Americans just aren't into romantic comedy serials. It confuses me.

That may be one of the big reasons I am into anime, paticularly the romantic comedy genre. Now that I think about it, I will list off the titles that wouldn't be considered a romantic comedy:

Pani Poni Dash (comedy, but no romance)
Lucky Star (Ditto)
Azumanga Daioh (Same there)
Maybe Full Metal Panic (Mainly action based, but there are some romantic sides to it)
Shakugan no Shana (Some romance, but not the feel of a rom-com)
Haruhi (Er....some)
Negima (A stretch not calling it a rom-com, I know)
Angelic layer (Well, except a couple of episodes...)

Out of those eight, I would probably knock off about half the list, that is still out of the 20 some odd titles that I know. However, I included the ones I felt that didn't out and out had the romantic comedy front and center. This is not to say that I don't look for anything but rom-coms, but I prefer them over most shows. Its kind of funny. I'm not the kind of "otaku" who are into the huge, epic shows with lots of bloody violence, or the ones that imitate life to a T. I'm more or less rooting for those shows that aren't blockbusters or megaton titles. I like the underrated underdogs that most people overlook. The ones that grasp the happy time in my youth watching Corey and Topanga become a tight couple.

Does that explain a lot?

The Allengator
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