Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Some Quickie Thoughts

Being completely coherant today is not one of my competencies, and typing out a long, drawn out entry just isn't in my best interest. So here are some random thoughts floating through my head.

Tomorrow's Mega Media Monday will probably be on later in the day. I am actually working a few day shifts this week and tomorrow is one of them. Joy.

I will be majorly PO'ed if no one brings Negina Ala Alba OAD to the states and dub it. It is by far the best Negima animation out of any of them. If they would start from the beginning and do the series like they did and will hopefully do with the next, Negima would finally get the respect it deserves in the anime realm.

School starts a week from tomorrow. I'm not excited, but I'm not dreading it either. I suppose going there for the 5th year starts making a person used to the way things are. Totally going to be annoyed if the parking situation is the same.

Rightstuf is having a Funimation sale right now which produces a lot of anime that I watch. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get Sgt. Frog and I am considering getting the new School Rumble set, mainly because as I stated on here before, it looks awesome, but also to help ease the congestion of my bookshelf space.

Speaking of which, its been nearly a year since I've gotten into anime and manga, and I've filled up 2 and a half shelves with manga and dvds. I'm not sure how much more I will get as finding a new series is becoming harder and harder with my tastes. I've even joined some anime suggestion sites, and the suggestions aren't really good.

I'm still mad about Hayate. Just don't mention it unless you want me to rant all over your body.

That last one sounded dirty.

I wish there was something good on tv. I saw part of "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow", and I am still sticking to my opinion. It would be a good show if they just didn't stick that stupid "reality" element in it.

Wipeout still sucks. No question.

Bowling for Soup is awesome, but their new single is just wrong. My Wena. SERIOUSLY??

Lastly, all I can say is MORE COWBELL!

The Allengator

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