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Subject? This Blog Entry Has No Subject!

Monkeys are awesome, except when they are not, which is rarely the case. Why I decided to start off this blog entry like this is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps I want to talk about something funny, and I feel that monkeys help lighten the mood. Again, this is the power of monkeys.

Monkey talk aside, since money has been extrodinarilly tight due to cut hours, I've been going back and redoing some old video games. Right now I am working on getting past the Elite four and pokemon champion in Pokemon Diamond. I also think legendaries are a combination of good and evil. They are good, because they are super powerful when you do capture them, but it comes at a price. I have Azlef and Dialga on my final team, and they both got their butts whipped by the first elite battle. I had no problems with them, and didn't really need them for the gym battles, but here I am, spending three days now training my team to beat anything it can come across.....that is one thing I don't care for in RPG's. Sometimes, you have to spend time, days, even weeks just trying to level up to get past your barrier. So annoying.

I'm also spending some time watching more anime while I am off from school. I kind of dropped Shuffle! because there were a couple, albeit split second and non detailed, spots where there was some nudity, and I know I'm supposed to be into that stuff since I am a guy and because I am into anime, because all anime lovers are perverts (just being sarcastic peeps!). Well, I just don't appreciate that kind of thing, and its hard to find a series that reamins decent enough for me to watch. I tried FLCL, but I just couldn't get it. I know its supposed to be a megaton comedy anime, but it was almost too spastic for my taste. Now I am trying Chobits which is said to have some, but I will pass judgement when I see it. It may be like Negima!? which was given a, get this, MATURE rating because of the "nudity" during the pactios, but it was NO MORE GRAPHIC than the third Digimon season where the kids biomerged with their digimon, and that was only rated Y7. I don't know about ratings anymore...

I talked with my friend, and he is hoping we can meet up this week to try out some characters for D&D. Joy!

That is all I feel like spilling for now. Talk to you guys later!

The Allengator

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