Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Empathy for my Sister

My sister is sick. She has some sort of illness that makes her sick. Symptoms include agitation, upset stomach, nausea, sometimes irritable bowels, headaches, sinus pressure, sore muscles, aching, temporary arthirtis, narcolepsy, insomnia, and irritation. There is something obviously wrong with her, as these symptoms usually occur on Sundays, Mondays, or anytime she is at home, but when she is at work, out with friends, or out of town she, by some miracle, is well and fine, sometimes on the spur of the moment. There is definately something wrong with her.

She has been to various doctors, just in case this thing is fatal. Every doctor gave her a clean bill of health. She is where she should be at her age. After about the third straight visit, my mom was in the waiting room, and as my sister turned to pay her medical bill, he told my mom that my sister does indeed have a medical condition. It resides somewhere in the brain, a certain lobe or something, as he was taking his index finger and making circle motions to the side of his head. So that should prove that my sister has a rare condition that has no cure!

In order to pinpoint said disease, she has undergone a lot of tests. She has had the one where you have to drink that powder and starve yourself 12 hours before the scan. She has had multiple x rays. She has had EKG, and those other abbriviated letter ones. She has had tubes and cameras go down her throat, checking for any signs of lumps or of cancer. All of them have shown up as negative. They don't understand the pain my sister is in, and must be covering up some sort of conspiracy, because there is no way she is normal and healthy!

Thousands of dollars later, about a year of tests, scans, and what I would consider torture in some third world countries, she has the same symptoms. They are not any stronger or weaker, they still show up at the same time, and they are a burden. Whenever my sister feels nauseus, she needs this thing we have called a "puke bucket". Whenever she has sinus pressure, you guessed it, the bucket again. Whenever she just gets home, aggitated, ol' pukes shows up to console her. I don't think she has used that thing more than once, if even that. That bucket scares me.

Today she had another episode. She has convinced the doctors that she needs more tests ran, but she needs money, something she doesn't have a ton of. She is currently bawling her eyes out in the breakroom at work because she can't afford the cure for what ails her. No one understands he nor will help her out. She is alone in her battle against the illness in her body, it seems. No medicine that is OTC has been helping her.

My wishes are simple. Either A) Give her some disease that she can take medicine for that will make her think she is better or B) Give her some darn placebos. Of course this would make too much sense to the normal person, and I am no physician. However, my parents, the doctor with the finger, and myself are all in agreeance as to what the heck is wrong with my sister, but what do we know. In the end, I hope my sister recovers from this because she is a good person that only sometimes irritates me, and I need as many of those people around as possible. I hope she recovers from the disease with no name *sticks out his index finger and makes circles to the side of his head*.

Please recognize sarcasm when you see it.

The Allengator

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