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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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A Mix of \(^.^)/ and (T.T)
Ice King, Adventure Time
The fan inside me feels both excited and sad at the same time. Just look at it:

Awexome box set!!!

And here is what I have:

Just Not as Awexome...

Man....I wish I felt like spending the money. It sucks, because I already have the series and OVA, so it would be stupid just to buy this, but I want the new box really bad! It alone would be worth it just so I wouldn't have to worry about shelf space (The collection I had forced me to get the OVA seperately, which is in a standard dvd case), and the cover makes me LOL more than anything else. This is.....just EPIC! I'm going to get me one as soon as my paychecks get better, or when rightstuf has a funimation sale! That'll be quite a while down the road. Perhaps I could sell my current dvds and use the money for the new one. Hmmm.......

Its just awexome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Allengator