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Mega Media Monday - 7.13.09 (Whose Line is it Anyway Edition)

Today we are going to see a few videos about one of my favorite shows, Whose Line is it Anyways. There is a wealth of videos on Youtube that are from episodes, so there will probably be some more in the future!

Whose Line was a British improvisation radio show that turned into a smash tv show. The one I have seen the most of is the American version. No offense to the awesomeness of the original, I personally just prefer the US version. M' kay? Guess what? They also make great party games as well! So let's look at some videos of various games.

Meow inside joke

Including the infamous "Irish Drinking Song" where everyone but Collin loses it.

Scenes from a Hat


Weird Newscasters

Party Quirks

As always, I hope you enjoyed this week in comedy. As always, I want suggestions!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I put enough exclaimation points on that. I mean it :P. So until next Monday, happy watching!

The Allengator
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