Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Working Hard For You!

Just letting you guys know that I am working really hard on making the next Mega Media Monday really neat-o....well, as much as I can. I have spent more time on this one than on any others, so I hope my hard work pays off.

Also, I finished watching Pani Poni Dash, and out of all of the characters in the show, the one I would want to date the most is Karumi. Yeah, the is the "plain and boring" girl, but I think its not only charming, but when she grows her hair out in braids, it was a MAJOR plus. For a while I have been wondering if I have some sort of pigtails/braid fetish, and I think that answers that. All I need to do is remember that she's fictional. Yup :(.

Anyways, break times over and I need to go back and finish my stuff. See you tomorrow!

The Allengator
Tags: pani poni dash

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