Allen (allengator86) wrote,

This Week on the Bloggity Blog Blog

This week is going to be an audio extravaganza, barring any unforseen circumstances. I actually have a few in reserves, and as long as I have the time/bandwidth to upload them on the remote server I will post them on here.

All this is well and good, but I will post the obligatory disclaimer: I say that its a "week" theme, but that does not necessarily mean that I will post a new audio thing everyday or that every entry will be in audio, so before you start jumping up and down in your seats, keep that in mind. I am a busy person with a job and a schedule, so I may not get to fillthe entire week with stuff, but we will see.

This begins tomorrow. So be prepared to hear me talk about anime, vampires, pants, and many other things that are pertanent to our society. Yes, pants. Boy do I talk about pants.

So be prepared for a barrage of me this week.

The Allengator

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