Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Final Thoughts on a Tedious Workday

Ok, so I think I may live now. A half hour ago if you were to ask me, "Allengator, are you alive?" I would have shrugged. Thank goodness for the miracle drug Advil. Tomorrow we are supposed to take a trip to Lebanon in our new van, to give it a drive test, and to see if I can purchase some pants. Yes, pants.

Also, I want to declare my love for "mountain trail mix". I just now realized its actually peanut butter and jelly with M & Ms in it. For real, there are nuts, raisins, and chocolate in it. Much love.

Ao obviously this entyr is going nowhere, so I bid farewell until next time. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO FREAKING MUCH!

The Advil must be kicking in XD.

The Allengator

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