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Yay For Having a Social Life!!! Yay!!!
Ice King, Adventure Time
So I have made an important discovery the past few days: happiness > depressive tendancies. In leiu of this world-changing discovery I made a second observation: work has been hindering me from having a social life. Not willing to take a break from all of this expidition of the human condition, I stumbled upon a third fact: having a social life, with real life people hinders me from updating this thing.

Although I lay here in a physically beaten and complete exhaustative state, I have had a blast the past few days, sans the physical part. I am also about six winks away from passing out, so I will be short today.

The completely odd thing is that I feel like I can do a lot of things. After work I can make a run to Wal-Greens, or do some chores, or even take a trip to Springfield or somewhere. When I go to these places, shops are open and I feel like I have a more secure drive with a much smaller chance of being plowed by a random drunk driver. The world is open to me, and I can take advantage of this fact imperically.

Its just different from working at night, not really feeling like doing much before work, or knowing just how exhausted it will make me and not knowing whether I can spare enough energy to do simple tasks. There are limits to what I can do or where I can go. Can I make a trip to the movies a town away and by the time the movie is over rush over and get to work on time?

Sleeping schedules are also messed up. I used to be able to wake up before 10 am, and be able to go to sleep no later than 11 pm. Nowdays I am lucky if I can get to sleep before 2 AM. The problem is working so late, because, be honest, how many people can go to work and go straight home and immediately go to sleep on a normal, non-sleep deprived night? Not many from my conversations with people.

I go into all of this just to make a point in this following anecdote from my life. The manager who is over me was thanking me for coming in early a few days in a row on such short notice. I took some extra effort and smiled, got along with associates, and worked much more diligently than normal, and I took this opportunity to make the following reply: "I asbolutely LOVE coming in the daytime." He asked me if I liked the nightlife, and I just smiled slyly and went back to work, hoping that I sowed a seed that will let me be there during the day from time to time. Highly and very doubtful it did any good, but I want to get my point across, however so subtlely, that I need something like this from time to time to remind me that there is a sun and that work can be more than tolerable.

Wow. I must really be out of it if I wasted an entire entry explaining why I like the daytime shift just to explain an answer I gave to a random question. Do any of you guys ever feel the same about your job or paticular shifts? Sound off or comment below! I better go catch some Z's. Be good, everyone!

The Allengator

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It is really nice to be able to go do things after work when you get off in the afternoon. However, I think that working in the evenings has certain advantages also. It was nice to see you having fun and being social! You'll have to get out more often! :0)

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