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Mega Media Monday 06.08.09 (Random Edition, Part Tres)

It is a hopeless conglomeration and hodge podge of videos that should entertain the masses this week. No matter how hard I tried, none of these videos have a common link other than being on Youtube, but if I made it a Youtube edition, I would be doing that every week. Also, there is a special treat for the Facebook peeps this week. I know you can't see the "lj-embed" links on my imported entries, so I am going to post them on my profile. In other words, the entry on here will be more organized and easier to catch than those.

Anyways, open up the link and let the goodness go forth.

Raffi - Bananaphone

C'mon, who doesn't like this catchy song?

Power Rangers Parody

I think I may have posted this a loooong time ago on this blog, but not on this feature, I think. If you ever watched the Power Rangers, you'll probably love this.

Jeffster - Mr. Roboto

The infamous Mr. Roboto scene from the finale of Chuck. I love their rendition of it!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Gameplay

Looks like fun. Look at this if you want to see the official trailer or at this video to see Roy the Koopa kid back in action!!!

Worst Line Reading Evar!

Next week is going to be the 50th Mega Media Monday, and I have something a little nice for you guys. You will just have to anticipate it until then.

As always, comments, suggestions, and maps to buried treasure are more than welcome. Just get ahold of me through the usual venues. Again, as always, happy watching!

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