November 27th, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

Writer's Bloc Again. In Soviet Russia, the Bloc Writes You

If everyone had their own small planet to live on and care for (like in The Little Prince), what would your planet be like?  I would make my planet an entire technological self-contained ecosystem that houses both monkeys and unicorns.  I would grow 100% healthy bacon, completely ban Glenn Beck and all country music, and create a neotoxin that will cause the girls to love me until I found a mate.

Are you ever too old to go trick-or-treating? Is candy for everyone?  I was too old to trick-or-treat when I was 8 years old.  Since then, I've stayed at home and played Star Fox 64 each year, or work.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you like most and least about this holiday?  I celebrated by going to work and wearing a nametag that said "Hello, my name is DAVE".  Yes, it is a legitimate costume because I was pretending to be a guy named Dave who has a similar attitude like mine and was not a ripoff of the Office.

If you had to go an entire week without TV, music, or your mobile phone, which would you choose, and why?  That is so easy.  Mobile phone for sure because I can't do anything but take calls on it and I end up getting more calls on the home phone than on the celly anyways.

If you were in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, and you discovered a cockroach in your room, would you kill it or make it your friend?  I would perform a number of experiments on said cockroach to see how it reacts.  I would try the Chinese water torture first, then see if I can train it to go in a predetermined path whenever I say the word "skulduggery", see at what temperatures a cockroach simultaneously catches on fire and freezes into a cube, and finally the effects of consumption of Dr. Pepper.  So no, it would not be my friend.  It would be a test subject.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to impress someone? Did it work?  One time I rode into town on a donkey while singing the Canadian national anthem while wearing a hoop dress.  It impressed the police enough that I got to go to their special place and hang out with other strange men in a small room for a few days until some dude named "Baal" came through.

What do you like to do when you can't get to sleep?  I go all over my room and tape up any lights that may be shining in my eyes, no matter how dim they are.  Then, if I'm really desperate, I either work on some puzzles or read some manga.

What can be done to promote tolerance and stop bullying in schools?  Easy, stop making kids go to school.  Bullying NEVER happens outside of school.

How long does it take to recover from a broken heart? Is it better to jump back into dating or spend time alone?  Actually, if medical science is to be believed, a broken heart is kinda sorta fatal, so no, you wouldn't be able to date anyone but female zombies, and I've heard that the mating habits of female zombies are like an angler fish.

Who would you appoint as Earth's ambassador to alien races, and why?  Glenn Beck, and this is based off of anecdotal evidence.  Once the aliens catch a glimpse of him, they will NEVER want to come close to the Earth again.  Although they may also want to destroy the world because of Glenn Beck....I guess that is a risk I'm willing to take.

Which songs have been covered better by artists who didn't originally sing them?  Did you know the song "I'm Henry the Eighth, I am" by the Herman's Hermits is actually a cover?  I rarely care for covers, but several Christmas songs I like in a more modern rock-feel.  Both Relient K and Weezer have excellent Christmas albums.

Which phrase would you choose to replace the ubiquitous "Have a nice day" phrase?  "Don't be a douchebag".

Which animal would you choose to be for a day, and why? Gee, I wonder which animal....

What's your favorite thing to do on long car rides?  Drink some caffeine and blast out my favorite tunes if I'm driving.  If I'm a passenger, I play on my lappy or DS.

If you were a TV producer, what would be the premise of your first TV series, and who would star in it?  I would do a real life version of Baccano! with some small twists.  It would somehow involve the actor Christopher Lloyd.

If you could cast one type of magic spell, which would you choose, and why?  Magic Missile, so I can defeat the darkness.

How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?  Depends on the group.  I do with the Beatles, but I didn't with the Fratellis, mostly because their music isn't available here.

For how much money would you be willing to spend a whole week away from the Internet, TV, and mobile phones? Would you suffer withdrawal pains?  It would take a lot of money if it involved the Internet.  Give me enough to cover my debts and we have a deal.

What's your favorite city or town that you've visited? Why do you love it?  I love a town called Decaturville.  In Missouri, it is located between Lebanon and Camdenton.  It has a city sign sans the population, and has a couple of trailer homes and a gas station.  Every time I pass by it, whether it is a trip with family, friends, or school, I will make a big huge deal out of going through the town.  I'll say something like "OH MY GOSH!  LOOK EVERYONE!  ITS DECATURVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!".  I want to grow up to be mayor of the town and build my own school out of cardboard boxes and have our own football team called the Decaturville Grass Blades.  I always will keep a part of it in my heart because it is the little-town-that-could-but-really-should-not-be-a-town.  Those Decaturvillians are all heart, and I always wish them the best.  I also made a slogan for the town to attract more people to it.  "Decaturville:  Blink, and You'll Miss Us!".

Thank you, LiveJournal.  This really cured my Writer's Block. 

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