June 19th, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

Upcoming Attractions to This Blog*

So here are some things to look forward in the near future.*

Probably a audio blog or several about my trip to nationals, Kansas City, and possibly Snoopy action. Yes, Snoopy from Peanuts.

Hopefully more audio blogs if my work's schedule gets any better. I actually have/had three waiting to be uploaded, but the stupid hard drive crashed and I haven't had the time to re-download the audio software yet. I even got a new mic to record on.

Some anime reviews coming up, including, but not limited to: Lucky Star, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, Bamboo Blade (I'm pretty sure I haven't done that yet), Happy Lesson, FMA, and a special non-anime animated show that was a short-lived children's Saturday morning show from the 90's that spawned a great computer game series. Try to figure that one out.

Anime I am anticipating to watch, or at least try out is Happy Lesson: Advance, Toradora, Clannad, My Bride is a Mermaid, Haruhi 1.5 in English, and Code Geass. I may also try out Bleach if I have time, but I barely survived the first episode and had to nearly gnaw my own leg off just to get through. I'm going to try the impossible and try to get past five. I know it will be all uphill, but I found out most ladies who have a remote interest in anime watches Bleach, so maybe I can finally have a conversation with one of them.

I'm also hoping to type about my experiences about job hunting and quitting my currently shabby job. I REALLY want to type about that last one.

So look forward to it, or just read the addition I posted at the end of this entry. Until whenever, toodles!

The Allengator

*Knowing my trend of planning things out in the future, some or none of these may actually happen. I meant to post an e-log from my last state competition, but it got erased along with the other stuff on my hard drive and after working a few hours on it, I just gave up. Maybe it will resurface one day...