May 4th, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

From Blogger to Typist in 40 Pages Flat

Wow, I am SO happy to be done with my huge final/projects at school. I still have to finish up a couple classes, but they are molehills in contrast to the mountains I had to climb and partially drill through. I got my 40 page manual (yes, I made a 40 page manual over the course of a few days), several page manual for the website, project workbook (about 40 megs in size), and got a fairly good score on my game dev final. Now I just have to finish the supposed "peer review" and my server class final and I will be a free man. FREE!

My current plans include some sleep, maybe spend a day playing games, cleaning out my overstuffed closet, and cleaning enough of my room so I can get a new bed set. Then I will be vigorously training for the champeenship this June, necking on my girl, and sipping some pink lemonade or gatorade and practice my mad air guitar skills. Oh, and I need to find a new job in there somewhere too. My current one sucks more than a bullethole in an airplane in the air.

The next couple of days I'm going to relax, outside of current job, and catch up on my tv shows and friends. I've essentially been in exile the past week and I need some interaction because my life blows without interactions of friends in my life.

I'm starting to push the "typing 50 pages in a week" limit so I'll stop here. Hopefully next time will be more entertaining and will somehow involve monkeys.

The Allengator