February 22nd, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

Mega Media Monday - 02.22.10 (Disaster Edition)

Usually on Mega Media Monday I show you guys some clips that are usually light hearted, entertaining, and possibly funny with a side of viral. These are the kinds of videos I usually watch and love to share with you guys. Today's entry, however, is a stark contrast from what you usually see on here.

Word of warning: these videos, while not graphic, will probably make you sad, depressed, or even angry. I think that its important to look at the grittier side of humanity from time to time and realize that the world isn't all peaches and cream. Especially with a certain video in here, I couldn't help but feel true sadness and horror at some of these things. Again, what I am posting on here today is far from funny and is really meant to be more of a wake up call. The funny will return next week, I promise.

Today's offering of videos range from accidents to intentional disasters. The videos are all safe for any age, but they are grim, so you are warned.

Collapse )

That was all I could handle for one week. My intention was not to kill your buzz or to make you depressed, but to remind you of things that have happened. I think its healthy to remember those things once in a while and to reflect on the future. I've been doing that the past couple of days myself. I'm not depressed, but thankful that those times are behind us.

Until next time, keep watching.

The Allengator