February 13th, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

Allengator's Status Update: Week 4

As you have seen, my blog has fallen victim to the latest virus called "life". Nowdays all you see are Mega Media Mondays and small anime bits. Is that all my life consists of right now? Well...yes and no.

I have my classes four days a week. I know I know, I've gone into this a few times over the past couple of months, but believe me when I say I have an actual workload. After this week I will have a little more unadulterated free time as the whole Skills thing will be over, at least for districts. I'm really wanting to aim for state, partially to give me some confidence in my craft, but also to catch the eye of recruiters. Plus, making it to state looks very nice on a resume. If I'm going into the software/web development field then I will need all the help I can get.

Then there's work, constantly interferring with both my social life and my sanity. I have learned to seperate my personal life and work life, but it makes me seem more bipolar than usual. I'm beaming more outside work and more...er...dreadful at work. Work sucks, no two was around it.

Outside of that, I have my nights where I watch Chuck (though its off now due to those darn olympics) and Lost. Then there is my anime, but I'm leaving it out for this entry as it mostly still consists of "OMG, Baccano and Toradora FTW". I need to find a new song to play.

Well, another romp through the annual "single people awareness day" is coming up and will pass. I have been pretty apathetic about it this year, probably because I have been so busy. Usually the even bothers me to the core, but I actually went out and bought a girl some candy this year. It felt right and it made me feel like I'm finally on my way to conquering my fear of having a relationship with a girl. I know I posted a slight angsty post a few entries ago, but that wasn't because of the holiday. Don't get me wrong, I still don't care for it, but I guess I've just grown a slight tolerance for it. Perhaps I'm growing up. Maybe its a sign that I'm a recovering man. I hope so. I hope I can make some girl truly happy someday.

I've also been more introspective latey. Nothing major, just looking into my life and seeing my true friends and people who care about me and appreciating how they affect my life in positive ways. I want more. I want more people, more friends to hang out with and talk long hours on various subjects. I don't want to be a popular kid, but I want to have a network. I'm not talking professionally, but personally. I want a personal network. As soon as I can find some worthy people, I will look into it.

Perhaps I am evolving/maturing again. Next thing I'll want is a motorcycle and a passport so I can go to Canada. The people there are much cooler. Literally too.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head. My life isn't anything too special to talk about, as you can see. That, and I don't think many people care about that kind of stuff on the Internet >.> I guess I will need some inspiration on here...

The Allengator