February 12th, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

Toradora! on the Way?

Talk about a ninja strike here. Here is something interesting that has happened. One of the series I wanted to see licensed has been snatched up by a license company. No, it isn't Funi. No, it isn't Bandai. And no, it isn't Media Blasters, NeoADV, or Nozomi. Who is it?

NIS America!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Er....wait? Who? A new licensor? Really?

This should have happened a while back. Now while its true that its awesome that we are finally getting some nice titles coming our way and that NeoADV and Bandai didn't get their filthy mitts on it (yes, despite being on a Haruhi high, I am still irked and Bandai, who is now Namco-Bandai) we are not sure, I repeat, NOT SURE how NIS will handle releases since they are new on the scene.

NIS, or Nippon Ichi Software has been a video game distributor releasing such excellent titles like....um......Disgaea(?) and.....er....Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!(which I will not link because I think its a bloody awful game).

So honestly who knows how they will handle this or even if they will dub it. I'm not saying I won't buy it if it isn't dubbed, but I definately will not be all "OMG! I MUST HAS NOW!!!" assuming the pricing and handling is up to snuff. Dubbing is the main discussion going on right now at ANN, so who knows.

If it is dubbed, it will no doubt be delegated to an outside dubbing company. My guess is either Ocean or Bang Zoom will get it, if its dubbed at all. However, it sounds like its coming out some time this year, not too far off, so unless they have excellent at keeping this under wraps, it seems to be pointing to sub-only. Again, that is pure speculation on my part. With the way the R1 market is right now, I wouldn't be suprised if its sub-only, so I am hoping that they will suprise me. I need a nice suprise right now.

Don't get me wrong. I'm psyched that ToraDora is coming and that another possible distributor is on its way. More competition will mean more quality in the long run, I hope. Prices may go up, but its nice to kind of see someone steal a title that Funimation was considering getting. They kinda deserve a swipe after their awful (in my opinion) roll out riot. If little NIS stole this gem from Funimation (speculation, again), then more power to them.

As long as they don't screw it up.

The Allengator