January 13th, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

Slowing Things Down on Here, For Now

Here's the deal. My blogging is definately going to suffer over the next few months due to my capstone class. Trust me, its going to be typing overload, including making daily (every class period at least) journals plus weekly status documents on top of competing in a contest, programming out the wazoo, having online discussions, and preparing for oral presentations. That os also just for one class. I am not including my game development or server management classes. So after all that typee typing, blogging seems like more of the same so expect less on here. I may even have to eventually put Mega Media Monday on hiatus if things get too intense later. Not sure if its even worth it with the lack of page hits and comments I get on here anyhow.

So if I'm scarce on here, that is why. This one class is going to be intense and I need to put more effort than I usually do in it. Perhaps I will post my journal on here to tide things over? Maybe. Highly edited reports to save the innocent. We will see what I can do. Shockingly, I am feeling the pressure and this is a light work week as far as my job is concerned, so this blog will have to cool off for a while. I'll still post, but don't go expecting the 5 page long epics that I usually post on here. That is all.

Oh yeah, I am also feeling more lethargic lately. I need some pills for that or something.

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