January 8th, 2010

Ice King, Adventure Time

I Love Serving Idiots! </sarcasm>

Its everyone's favorite kind of blog, the rant post. Yes, I am quite punchy today.

First off, worked sucked major buttage being outside and everything in subzero temps not factoring the windchill which made it feel around -15 or so. I went in to warm up, drank hot coffee, and ate soup for lunch, but it didn't aliviate me from the lazy idiots known as customers. Ok, sure, you have your idiots who could use a few more brain cells. Sure, sometimes you have to clean up their spittle or tell them they are staring at what they are looking for, but aside from a few mishaps, they just want someone to help them out. Then there are lazy people. Now its possible to be smart and lazy, which I not only fully approve of, but engage in myself. If it doesn't inconvinience others and won't get me arrested, then I say do it. Now, combine the two, and you have the world's most annoying adversary. I won't go into it, but when you get relegated to working as a cartpusher at *insert major multi-naitonal corporate retailer here*, its blatantly obvious who the lazy idiots are.

Then there are people who fail. I have two such examples of these fine specimens.

First off was TV guy. Right now our weather situation is not good. Most roadways are covered with snow/ice and as I mentioned earlier, the temps feel like they are well into the negative digits. Now if someone was shoping for necessities, simple groceries or medicine, I understand and want to help them out. Then there are people who go specifically to buy a 42 inch flat screen tv. In this weather, a 42 inch flat screen tv is far from a necessity. Then he tried to fit it in his sports car. Guess what? A 42 inch flat screen tv will not fit in a sports car. So we has to unbox it, in the parking lot, and place the tv in the car without a box. Now, this is not something new, but he fails for doing this not only while blocking traffic, but in this freakish weather.

Then there was the best parent EVAR! Remember, it is around -20 to the skin and snow is flurrying from the sky. I mean you need to be bundled up just to survive the wind. Then I saw the best parent EVAR and wanted to yell at her. She was in her car, smoking. Now, smoking is already a big personal irk of mine, but I usually let it slide. Next, I noticed her window was down. O...k... Now, I understand you don't want your car to reek of smoke, but in this weather it looks really stupid. This would have all been forgettable if not for this one last thing. In the backseat of the car were her children, all bundled up. This is what grinded my gears. These were young kids, about 10 or so and they had their windows rolled partially down just so their mother could have a smoke break. I really wanted to give her a piece of my mind, because not only is she smoking which is hazardous to her health, but she has her children with her and forced to have the windows rolled down in windy subzero weather. Either get out of your car and smoke, or let your kids go in the store. Don't subject them to your sick urges, idiot.

No more about work. My day comprised of dealing with similar people, and my tolerance went away in short order. I was hoping to have some good news when I got home, but what I got was some stew with tomatoes (love stew, hate tomatoes) and a dissapointment from Funimation.

Which I will get into next time.

The Allengator