November 29th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Shopping "Cyber Monday" on Sunday

Here are some of my thoughts while shopping the "Cyber Monday" sales.

...what bothers me most is that its Sunday night. Odd.

Amazon's sale items are BAD this year. I found two games, iffy ones at that, that I am considering getting. I also found one I'm going to let a couple of my friends know about, but still. I got both De Blob AND Wario Land: Shake it on special, so I was hoping for a lot.

Looking at the dvd sets, unless you're a fan of "Mad About You" or "The Jeffersons", you will be sorely disappointed.

Is there such a thing as a "Mad About You" fan?

Going to


Let's see if Best Buy has anything good.

Looking up dvds...

What the heck is Wubbzy and why do I feel the need to punch it?

Borat for $3.99. I'm holding out for $, wait. That would still be too much for Borat.

Groundhog's Day for $3.99? Um, SOLD!

Is Big Fish any good? Might as well try it out for $3.99...

HOLY MONKEY! Ghostbusters 1 AND 2 for $6.99!!! Amazon officially loses.

New age Pink Panther for $3.99. Hmm....

Three's Company Season 1 for $3.99. If you have never seen it, or wanted to get it, then get it. You will not be disappointed at all. LOVE John Ritter!

Other DVDs include "Romeo + Juliet" (The Craprio Edition), "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "Dr. Strangelove", and "The Producers" which is at $2.99. One of these movies I am clearly not getting.

I wish I could see the cover of "Don't Mess With the Zohan" without both convulsing and laughing too hard.

"Return of the Killer Tomatoes"? Ha ha. Good times...

Did you know there are about 7 different DVd versions of "Children of the Corn"? Did you know they are also priced different? For the same movie? Wow.

Believe it or not, that was just the dvd deals UNDER $10. I haven't even touched the TV Series section yet.

I have also noted that I have added much more items in my Best Buy shopping cart than my Amazon one, and its STILL cheaper than the Amazon one. Sad.

Now onto DVD TV shows. How much more is my wallet going to suffer?

Is Firefly any good, and is $11 for the series a good deal? I know fanboys will say yes, but will I enjoy it?

Just remembered that I have $5 off for being a rewards member. Sweet!

"The King of Queens", "Rosanne", and "All in the Family". Uh.....Yay?

More "Three's Company" full season sets for less than $10. Seriously, go get them!

I would love to get a set of "Quantum Leap", but I doubt I would understand it without seeing the first season which isn't on sale. Nuts!

"I Love Lucy" Season 1 and 2 sets for $9.99 each! Yes, yes, and yes! I say "yes" three times because I'm going to get one for my parents as a gift. I know I can say that on here because they never read this thing.

"The Greatest American Hero" for under $15. Again, I would get this season 3 set if the first two were on sale. Believe it or not I'm walking around never thought....

And now the moment of truth, the video game deals.

And another retailer disappoints in the video games area.

Well, guess I have to give up on Firefly and Ghostbusters since I will have to travel to Branson and Joplin to get them, respectively.

I have now left Best Buy. Your Cyber Monday sale was good.

Time to look at...ugh...Walmart.

Build the Taj Mahal with legos for just $270. What a bargain!.......right.....

Leaving Walmart.

Going to Target...aaaaannd leaving. That was quick.

Borders isn't much better...yet...

Did you know that Circuit City still has a website? Only they are calling the sale "Pink Friday". I think I may have spotted a cause for the reason they went out of business...

Gamestop isn't functional yet either.

So either most places aren't having an official "cyber monday" sale (some are calling it "cyber week". Ugh), aren't live yet, or this year, with the exception of Best Buy, just isn't that good.

I'm holding out until it's midnight in the pacific before waving the white flag.

The Allengator