November 27th, 2009

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The Black Friday Winnebagoes

There was a story on the news about people camping out for Black Friday sales on Thursday afternoon. These people were camped out in Winnebagoes and just having the time of their lives camping out to save $5 on a video game. This made me think.

Who deserves a deal more, people decked out in a Winnebago, or a guy with a ratty-looking sleeping bag?

Rarely do Black Friday sales pique my interest. Sure, saving $100-200 on a television or a Blu-Ray player may justify camping out the night before, but for the little things like video games and appliances, I just can't seem to fathom why people would want to wait the night before just to save a few dollars on one item.

Yes, I get it, we are in a massive recession with people scrounging for money worse that it has been. I sympathize with that with my hours seeing cuts at work. Again, I'm not saying its wrong to want to save quite a bit of money on a big item, or lots of smaller items, but for that one thing...Winnebagoes are pushing it.

There was that one year I waited in line to get a Gamecube with Super Smash Bros. Melee for $30 off. I didn't have to show up until an hour before the sale started, and I was still in the first 30 in the crowd in line. The Gamecubes were all there in perfect order. I felt pity for those who camped out the night before for one of those.

Some people claim they go for the comraderie of meeting other people. People link tents together, share stories of past Black Friday sales, what they want from this sale, what they've done to prepare, and create a stockpile of Slim Jims and Coffee, both which are about 20 degrees thanks to the windchill, unless there is a barrel of fire to keep them warm. Sure, you could use space heaters, but those would burn the tents down. Don't forget wearing layers of clothes and hats. You know, take away the whole "sale" aspect, and it can be equated to a community of hobos. Except for the Winnebago people.

Some questions are raised. What if one has a bathroom emergency? Coffee can run through a person like that? What about gangs and thugs? How do we know if the person in line isn't there to steal your wallet or identity? What if someone has a heart attack? What if your cell phone doesn't get reception? These are things the people usually don't think of.

So in conclusion, Black Friday is just an event for sociopaths to get together, pretend to get along until the last copy of "10 Things I Hate About You" is there, then they let their true inner douchebag nature flow forth. My advice is just either look online for the same sale, or wait for Monday when the Cyberness starts. That is what I do. Instead of freezing my butt off, I wait in the cozy warmness of my electric blanket, maybe chat with a friend or possible future girlfriend, and make off with my loot. Makes me feel sorry for the poor souls who camp out.

....Seriously, if you have enough money to have a WINNEBAGO, do you REALLY need to save money that badly? All prospects lead to "No".

The Allengator