November 25th, 2009

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The Mysterious Case of the "Rawling Paper"

This is a holiday tale.

This holiday, I get the pleasure of being a cashier for the week, which is cool, but I have lost the ability to run away from creepy people. A couple of such guys came through my line today. After ringing up one guy's juice and milk, the next guy's vodka and longneck beer, then the first guy's beer and wine coolers. After I rung up their morally objectionable material, the second guy asked me a question:

"Do you have and Rawling paper".

Being the intelligent creature I am, I tilted my head to one side and asked him to repeat it.

As clear as day the guy said "Rawling paper". He didn't have much of an accent, so I thought for a minute.

"Have you tried the crafts department? We keep special paper there." I answered.

"Nah, it paper you rawl stuff in."

Now I was confused. Did he mean wrapping paper? Paper bags? Some sheets to lay down when you paint a room. A roll of paper? That's it! He was asking where we keep rolls of paper!

"Maybe in the office supplies section.."

"Nah, its probably with the cigarettes."

Then it hit me. He meant "Rolling paper" as in "I'm gonna smoke some weed and "medical marijuana" in these things."

For a sec I felt stupid, but only for a sec. I consider my innocence in such things to be the main factor in not knowing.

And not knowing is half the battle.

Come to think of it, I have no idea what this has to do with the holidays.....oh well!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and no, we do not sell rolling paper. Sorry to disappoint.

The Allengator