November 19th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

A Happy Allengator is a Non-Blogging Allengator

You know, its really hard to blog when things are actually looking positive, overall. In all honesty my life isn't all that interesting if everything is alright. Truer word has never been spoken.

Actually, I feel like I might have a chance at a social life for once. Ever since that one Saturday, I've felt the need to go out and do stuff, not stay cooped up with the hums of my computer fan and a possible IM for company. Today I just felt like going out, getting my hair cut, and going to Brewers for a Butterfinger frappicinno. Well, the actual social interaction might be not as existant with strangers, but it feels good to be out and about. My bank account may be the result of me being less enthusiastic about it later, but I am savoring it at the moment.

My parents actually seem a little unsettled that I've been out more than usual lately. Usually they assume I am out escapading with someone of the opposite persuasion, which is about 85% of my outings have been lately but I hang out with guys too, though admittedly, I don't feel like dating any of them. The girls, absolutely.

A while back I mentioned that I think I am falling in love again, a feeling I thought would be foreign to me. It feels familliar. It feels kinda warm and fuzzy. The world seems less asinine and little things seem to bother me less. Sometimes, I want to jump and click my heels, even though I can't physically do that. I feel excited, like I did ages ago. The world of possibilities are opening up to me and for once I think I have a chance at being completely happy again. I hope it works out.

Well, I will have something special for you guys tomorrow, so look forward to it!

The Allengator