November 16th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Mega Media Monday - 11.16.09 (Random Edition Part V)

So its another Monday and that means another edition of Mega Media Monday. I'm sorta taking the week off, so I went through my playlist on Youtube and decided to do some flushing of the random videos on there. Oddly enough you can tell that they are leftovers from previous editions as you can see with the muppets and Homestar Runner cartoon. Also, I included a sweedish techno song being danced by random anime characters. Interested? Then get your butt in here!

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That is it for this week of Mega Media Monday. Please, requests are awesome and comments are even awesomer! So do so below or though other conventioal means. Hopefully I will see you here again next week. Different time, same channel! Until then, happy watching!

The Allengator