October 28th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Torn Between Two Classes

Nuts, change of plans. Just when you think you have everything planned out....

We got some interesting news during our CPU club meeting. Aside from the video game tournament (Come to it. Yours truly may get to be a judge!), there was that one class I've been wanting to take a while. But because a certain teacher was supposed to teach it....I decided not to go for it...because the class would be....um...not classy.

Our sponsor who happens to be the best CIS teacher we have said that she is teaching it now as a hybrid class, meaning half in the classroom, half online. I can go for that, except its on a day I don't have any other classes, sorta midday. That would kill my availability at work and fewer hours for me....

But considering yesterdays....er...rant, would it really make a difference if I cut down my availability more? At this stage of the game, I'm tempted to say no. I mean what can be less than 0 hours? So now I don't have an excuse not to take it except that 5 classes would be too much tuition and workload. Let me break down these classes for you.

CIS 230 is systems analysis and design. If I go for my degree under the olde catalog, then I need this in order to graduate, and I don't want to take the gamble of not taking it and not being able to graduate......again.....Some people have told me the class is full of busy work that really isn't all that difficult compared to...oh...the next class I am going to talk about.

CIS 260 is the software engineering project a.k.a. the capstone a.k.a. let's pit the students against each other and see if they can make an application together! This is required whether I like it or not. The class is one big project worked on by all the students within the class. We set the assignments and goals, and the teacher watches us implode....so yeah, this class will have a stress level of...oh say relatively high. We either pass of fail as a group. Yay!

CIS 139 is now a class I must take. This is server management, and will help out in more ways than one. Not only will I be able to own your files in my computer, but the class will help out in getting some certifications which will REALLY help and look stellar on a resume. This class has gone from an "interesting" class to a "need to take" class.

So now it brings me to the last couple I need to decide between.

CIS 220 is Video Game Programming. Its the class where we apply the things we learned in the previous theory class and code them using opengl, possibly in C++. This would be good to not only live out a childhood dream of creating my own game, but also learning a new language and a library, which, again, will help out my portfolio immensely.

CIS 222 is .NET Programming Practices. Where we learn about intermediate languages, garbage collection, and other semi-advanced programming practices. Its not really much more difficult than what I already know, but it could be different. Then I found out that its going to involve programming Lego Mindstorms Robots which sounds cool, but I already took a Robotics and Automation class, so I am already familliar with the concepts, sorta. It may go into other items, but the class is offered on the same days as the others and would be more convient on my schedule.

So....its between 220 and 222. I can't have both no matter how much I want them. The workload would just be too much. So I need to make a decision within the next week or so. If one gets dropped, I could easily go for the next one, but we will see.....for now, I'm leaning towards the game programming, but I need some more facts before I make an educated guess. Educating in education...who would have thunk it?

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