October 7th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Attention to Anyone Who Relatively Cares About Reading my Notes on Here

I have to be blunt. Since hardly anyone acknowledges or comments on my notes on here, I decided to stop posting my blog from Livejournal on here in its entirety. About 90% of my posts have fallen under this delegation, so I just really don't see the point on importing them anymore. I will still post on here from time to time, but unless there is an outcry for it, it won't be returning on here any time soon.

If you are curious and want to read the nearly every-other-day entries that I write, allow me to direct you to http://allengator86.livejournal.com . You don't have to sign up or anything. All you have to do is go to the link here. Also, as an extra incentive, if you do sign up and friend me on there, there are some things I write that I don't post except for "friends only". I wrote a fairly lengthy one recently, so it would behoove you to sign up and friend me on there with my name being allengator86.

If enough people ask, I will post more on here again, but I highly doubt that. Heck, I'll be suprised if anyone responds to this at all, which is why I decided to take some time off from being on here to begin with. I need some time to reflect on things and being on here kind of does the opposite.

If you want to take this as a "HINT HINT" then by all means do, but as always, I really doubt very many care anyways....

The Allengator