October 3rd, 2009

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Low Reading Comprehension and English Intellect Doesn't Discourage Me From Blogging

A good friend of mine said that she thinks my writing on here is "eloquent". I am not sure that I would agree with that assessment, considering that half of the words I type are probably either misspelled or the grammar and punctuation isn't always correct. Actually, the very first F on an assignment I ever got was an english grammar assignment, so writing has never really been my thing.

Back in third grade we were told to keep a journal. Most days it was some kind of theme, such as "My Favorite Food" or "What I Want to be When I Grow Up", but some days we were given liberties of what we wanted to write about as long as it was a certain length. I never cared for that. I was also behind on reading that year, reading approximately a grade level or two behind my classmates. I was also extremely close to being put in an LD class for that kind of thing.

So to hear someone say that they think my writing is good makes me appreciate how far I have come, or possibly not come. The thing is, is that I used to not like writing, even if I had total control of the topic. I saw it as a chore and more of a nuisance than anything. That carried on practically up through high school.

We were to write up some kind of interperative essay my senior year in high school. What that means is that we had to write something that sounded like an activity, but was actually an illusion to a real life event. The topic was our school year. I compared the year to an orchestra, and the music came to a crescendo, then tapered off into nothingness. I wish I had a copy of it to share with you guys, but I never got a chance to collect it after school was out due to some circumstances.

That assignment nearly did me in. The main problem was with my interpretation of any kind of writing. Usually, when I read something, I take it at face value. What did the author allude to in this passage? I couldn't tell you. That has always been my weak point with reading. On a completely and utterly unrelated note, my worst score on the ACT was in reading.

Halfway through my sophmore year, my cousin introduced me to a blogging site similar to this one. I decided to take a crack at it, and I can honestly say that I think I've come a long way since day one of this thing. My first entry was just saying hi and how I thought "everyone has a story". Sometimes I think someone different wrote those things. Its not that I think its inferior or anything, but it just seems like someone else wrote it.

Then came the frequency of said entries. Sometimes once a month seemed like too much. I would even skip whole months just for no good reason. I didn't have any heart into it.

Suddenly, something snapped. I am not sure what did. I mean no certain event or trigger brought this on, but I felt like I just wanted to write something for once. It didn't feel like a chore or something I had to do for a grade or appearances, but something I felt like doing on my own free will. Nothing paticularly special was happening, but yet I felt compelled to say something. This trend kept going, and got stronger once I started going to college.

I haven't had a single english or grammar class since high school. No joke. I haven't had the need to have another english class since then. My honest assessment is that I have the proper tools to enable myself to effectively communicate with the world at large....well, at least the english speaking ones. I learn new words often, I use them, then I just apply them where possible. Why do I study some vocabulary? I wish I knew. Most people I talk to have never heard of some of the words or phrases I use. One I picked up recently is "Sally forth".

Journalism is something I never would have considered before, and still don't in all honesty. I think I would like to professionally blog for a company or as some kind of reviewer, but there are too many out there in the wide ocean of the Internet, so its more of a fantasy than anything.

Now I look at what I started on here. I evidently still blog for some unknown reason. Take today for instance. Originally I was going to post about 23 hours ago, then I thought about posting later in the morning, and now here I am. I didn't know what I wanted to write about, but that I just wanted to. Perhaps english classes in school just wern't the correct form of motivation for me. Maybe I found my own way to appreciate writing and learning the desire to share thoughts and facts with my friends on here. This is probably one of the most positive aspects of me doing this on here, that I have learned an appreciation of the craft of writing.

That's it. Sorry for the dry mundanity of this entry, but what can I say, I was compelled to write it as soon as someone told me they thought it was nice. Thanks.

The Allengator