September 22nd, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Lappies and Netties (Or Minilappies)

Happy Tuesday, or Wednesday, or whenever you read this. Its Tuesday as I am writing this, so its what I will use.

So yeah, lappy issues. I think its safe to say that the "Mother of All Lappies" has lost its title. Sure, a couple years ago it was fairly top of the line, but now its just "gaming capable" and "barely above average". I know that's harsh, but hey, its the truth, and its not like the lappy has feelings or anything.

Actually, I take that back. The lappy can become sick. In fact, as I type this, the lappy could not only use "motherboard bypass" but it needs to be in some sort of permanent sling, perhaps a wheelchair with an IV of coolant and electricity. Sure, it was on life support now, but it is a couple of swift kicks away from being a glorified paperweight....not that I kick my all....totally not...

So yes, its time to semi retire the lappy to "residential status". It can't really be roaming out there, now that only one hinge is keeping the monitor from falling off, and sometimes there are random power failings. Seriously, tonight this thing rebooted itself four times and only once was on purpose! It just dies. Sparks came out of it a few months ago, so there is probably some sort of short in the SD card slot. That is my conjecture at least, and since then things have been going downhill. The casing is chipping away, the heat is building up, and the monitor flickers sometimes, like a rave, only not as fun.

Since its almost imparitive that I have a functional computer system, one where I can transfer files to and from school and traveling, I decided to get a netbook. A mini laptop, if you will. Its a 10.1" mini laptop with a 6 cell battery, so in theory it could have a muuuuch longer battery life than my current lappy, but it comes with a catch. One, there is no dvd drive, so I have to get an external one since I use my lappies as my media source of entertainment.

Two, it is also horribly scaled down. 1 gig of RAM, Windows XP (which may actually be a blessing), 1.5+ Mhz CPU. In other words, I an screwed when it comes to playing games or doing I did get a 1 gig Ram upgrade, so I will have 1.5-2 gigs of RAM, but the CPU will be the nail in the coffin for that. People have commented and said its even hard to watch online video without some lag. That kinda makes me sad.

Now yes, there are ISOs which I will be using quite a bit, but I am not ripping my DVDs just so I can go watch something. Its too much time and effort. I also know that it should run most applications I want it to. Its just that sometimes I do have a hankerin' to play some Portal or Half-Life 2, and I have to get out this lappy to play it, and again, its on extreme life support.

So I need a new name for this lappy. I already used the lappy and lappy 2.0. Clearly this is no longer the MOAL, so what's a man to do.....How about I call it lappy 2.5, because the next lappy I get will exceed, possibly double the capabilities of this model if history proves anything. I will actually be getting a new lappy in a year or two, but I just can't budget it right now. First, pay off credit cards, then I can have a new lappy.

One thing I will be doing is totally revamping the lappy soon. I am going to once again do a system restore, remove all the bloatware, and put the glorious Windows 7 on top of it. It will be stable AND less prone to crashing. The casing will still be compromised, but I am hopeful that it will be around long enough to finish out my college tenure.

After replacing it, this thing will be bound for the graveyard of lappies, along with the original one and lappy 2.0.

So in other words, I will be busy the next few days with all the installation and whatnot of my new netty (or minilappy, I think I prefer that one, we will see), so I won't be on here much. Thanks for understanding and I will see you later this week! Have a wonderful time until then!

The Allengator