September 19th, 2009

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Conversational Trends and People Who Think They Are Doctors

This is angsty. Like you expected any different.

Actually, its just one point, and I can't make this too fine a point on this. People, listen, if you have, LISTEN! When initiating a conversation with me, there are things I love talking about, and there are things that are less than desirable to discuss. One major thing is:


If you want to turn me off, if you want to kill the conversation, if you want to just make me put you on "invisible" status, then I dare you to ask me that. Here was my day at work. It sucked. Very rarely does a day come out differerntly. There. Are you happy? I prefer to ignore that place when I am not there. I have 5 days off this next week, so the last thing I want to hear is about that place. I don't care if you have the latest gossip (in which case get a life. PLEASE) or some new policy. I don't want to hear it. Don't even put it on your "status update". Is there nothing more interesting in your life than "Going to work dot dot dot"?

I'm so sorry that you have to read that. I had a bad day coupled with either food poisoning or stomach flu. Wait, new point!

Anytime anyone is sick, I hear people "speculating" that its "that there swine flu". Are you a doctor? Do you have a PHd? Do you know the symptoms? No? THEN QUIT ASSUMING EVERY PERSON WITH AN ALLERGY HAS H1N1!!!!

Again, I am so sorry. It must be my stomach acid reacting again.

Upside: I watched the pilot episode of "Glee". Not bad. In fact, I think it is more realistic in high school nature than "High School Musical" ever was. I want to see more!

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