August 31st, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

This is, Like, Something I Have to, Like, Rant, Like, Right Now.

I was returning from a trip to Dillons, and was looking for a parking space. I found one that had another empty space adjacent to it.

That was probably my first mistake.

I was eating some of the well-earned Tex Mix trail snack I payed for, and another person parked next to me, and as soon as she parked, she got out her cell, and was yaking.

I should have sensed trouble.

So I was sitting there downing my grape Amp drink, and got out of my car. This was about 5 minutes after she parked there. I figured she would be gone. I was wrong. Somehow, she got out at the same time I did, still gabbing on her cell. What I heard next is the equivalent to verbal diarhea if anyone ever heard it.

She was a valley girl scrub.

Yes, one of those, because every five freakin' seconds, she felt compelled to use the word "like". I have a very low tolerance for excessive "like" users. Normally, I would ignore it, but her voice carried, and her "like" was similar to nails on a chalkboard. It hurt my ears. So I got out and walked towards the building. She had her trunk open, so I figured she would be a little bit.

I was wrong again.

I was about 5 feet in front of her, and I heard the word "like" about 50 million times. It was similar to those scenes you see in a horror film, the victim walking, then doing competetive walking, then jogging, then running for the life from some mysterious scraping noise. I was the victim, and her "like"s were the chasing noise. I sped up my pace, she started to walk faster, and as a result her "like"s were occuring more often. The noise was getting closer.

I was afraid my IQ would go down from abuse of "like".

I was nearly running into the building to go to my SQL Database class. I closed the door, ran down the hallway, worried for my ears. The sound came, closer and closer, and I was constructing a cross out of notebook paper. The sound then went away, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

So the SQL Database class started and it was nice. No more bad language. Then we got into queries.

The topic: Using the keyword LIKE in a query.

There was much crying.

The Allengator
Ice King, Adventure Time

Mega Media Monday - 08.31.09 (The Onion Edition)

Not the disgusting vegetable, but the news group.

Sometimes I have a hectic schedule and can't watch the news due to work or sleep. This should mean that I am not informed, but that is actually incorrect. If you remember waaaaaaay back on Mega Media Monday, I posted an entry featuring a show I used to watch called "Infomania". It was months later when I realized that they were not news at all, but some sort of comedy troupe, so I slowly but surely stopped watching them, outside of Sergios White Hot Top 5, again featured on here previously.

So I needed to find a new news group. Sure, I could go to old standbys like CNN or CBS or ABC, or NBC, or some broadcast station with initials, but their video players REEEEEEK of brokenness. Seriously, even here on campus with a T1+ connection, I will be extremely lucky if the videos work. This is a problem. Sure, I could read the news, but that would actually take some effort, and I hate effort. Then, when scouring the interwebs, I was on Youtube and stumbled across a news group called "The Onion". Now I don't have to be worried about being ill-informed ever again. To show you guys how informed I am, I am going to embed some of their videos on here, and you will be as informed as I am!

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Thank you for joining me this week for Mega Media Monday. Starting next week, I am going to be starting a multi-part series on here and I hope you enjoy it. In actuality, it is more or less something that I have already looked for and found viideos for so I don't have to worry about finding some for a few weeks. Anyways, look forward to it!

As always, ideas, suggestions, and your personal identification are more than welcome in the form of email, comment, instant message, or brick thrown at neighbor's window. Seriously, they deserve it. Thank you for looking at this, and as always, happy watching!

The Allengator