August 23rd, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Another Thing Most People Won't Read

Actually, I'm not really doing much better thankyouverymuch. See, this is why I am slightly bitter about blogging on here. I bear my soul, spend a long while putting my thoughts on here, and nary a response, neither on here, Facebook, or in RL. Someone posting about their puppy sneezing gets more responses than what I do on here. Its a wonder why I blog. Now, I am not an attention fanatic, but I would like some validation.

Also, there is going to be a smackdown at work soon. I am not only talking about myself either. Bitterness and horrible corporate ideas are going to be the end of the company, mark my words.

Ok, I am going to do everything I can to not think about that place for my days off. Coming up next is school. One of my classes is a "hybrid" which means it is half in the classroom, half online. The online aspect already looks....erm....interesting. We have to join in a chat session on a semi-regular basis, join in a discussion, and write "journal" entries. So, in other words, I will be blogging on there, which may take up some of my typing energy on here. Seriously, I don't feel as compelled writing on here after I wrote something there. I can only type so much. I won't be posting the material there because a)Its geek discussion b)I have to act more "professional", so no cheesy jokes or rants or anything and c)Its probably stuff you already know. For instance, we have to post a mini-profile thingamajig on there. Did you know that I like video games and the Internet? Well, now you know.

Speaking of that, Mega Media Mondays will be up later since my class run into the early evenings on Monday. I will either post during my break between classes or when I get home. Tomorrow's entry is Actually, it isn't, but I already have everything prepared, and I don't really have to type that much about the clips, so it should be fine. Also, there is a slight possibility that I may need to take a week off once in a while. I'm seriously running out of clips and ideas faster than a French retreat. Once again, a little validation would go a long way.

Now I am trying to figure out what anime sets to get during the Funimation sale. I'm already sold on both Sgt. Frog sets, but I am not sure about the next one. The School Rumble set will have to wait for now, since money will be tight in the coming months. This is also, more or less, my last hurrah before the end of summer. Right now I am evaluating Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, to see if I want to lay down some bones for it. I have already looked at Slayers (didn't care for it), Big Windup (ditto), and Save Me Lollipop (Do not get me started on that one...). If Kenichi doesn't get me excited, then I may spend my money on Kanon. It is easily one of the best shows I have seen in a long time, and it would make a man of stone shed some tears. I was extremely close myself. You will most definately see a review of this anime in the future.

The reason I haven't already ordered it is because I know I wouldn't watch it that often, because it does make a person think and feel (which could explain some things...) and I wouldn't want to rewatch it all that much. Its hard to explain. I know its animation, and its also fictional, but when you get emotionally invested in a character, real person or otherwise, it gets to you. It would be harder to watch it again than compared to...oh lets say School Rumble, which is a comedy romp. That is why I don't own a lot of "epic" or "dramatic" anime. I just wouldn't watch them all that often. All the comedy ones I have gotten have more than paid for the number of times I rewatched them.

That is all. I found some old papers that I may transcribe on here that reveals more about my past....or who I was, at least. It is more along the lines of my current motif on life and stuff. It will be on soon....assuming I can read it. Its probably about 7-9 years old, so it'll be a challenge.

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