August 12th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Guess the Reference #1

This is something I am trying out on here, since I have pretty much given up on lyric tests for now, considering the number of people who participated....

Anyways, this is something I wanted to try out. Below are some weird or humorous discriptions of something pertaining to pop culture. These can range from television shows, movies, video games, books, comics, anime, music, or celebrities. Just take a guess on them and I will credit you with giving the right answer! You do not have to be exact with the answers, as long as I know what you are talking about. With that being said, lets get right into it!

This time I used:
3 video games/characters
1 anime show
1 song
2 cartoons
1 comic
2 movies

1)Man attempting to cross the Pacific with only two balloons, which were popped by some lighting, was swallowed by a catfish, now in critical condition.

2) A famous archaeologist burned down a tree and discovered an underground ruin. Investigating the ruins, he encountered and repelled a Greater Demon with a shout from the Player 2 controller's microphone.

3) Vigalante was caught and prosecuted for being a raving lunatic. He spray pained his body silver and said he was the "modern man". He also said his name was K****y.

4) An unidentified object was seen hovering over the forest area on the outskirts of town. Several eyewitnesses claim they saw a bicycle with a baby in the basket, but police believe there was something in the water.

5) Local rugby club won the regional title after crushing the opposing team to oblivion. After the game, each member was seen cuddling with the balls, giving them female names. Coach was unable to comment as she was abusing one of the players with a fan.

6) A homicide investigation is underway in a small town after a local playboy was found ran over at the local soda shoppe by his own jalopy. Rumor has it that there was a brunette and blonde involved.

7) Spinach-loving sailor to give dialect lessons at the local Y.

8) There was a sucessful test flight of the a*****s today. Mr. H*** said "they do barrel rolls 70% better now".

9) Homicidal produce have finally finished their community service, and are now doing PDA's about how "Ketchup is murder, too".

10) Man in bathrobe disturbs a town hall meeting about building a bypass in the relative area of his home. Authorities detain man after he tries attacking them with his towel.

That is it, Best of luck, but don't try to think too hard about them. Most are easier than they look.

The Allengator