July 21st, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Osage Beach Vs. The Allengator!

My plan was to do a timeline of events yesterday, but I got so worn out (I am still feeling it today) that it may be a while down the road before I can get to it.

We went to Osage Beach, and I had a run of deja vu from a few months back. Let's put it this way: It's not what it used to be. Its another thing I can blame the economy for.

First off, I can list the places I went to at the mall. I went to Publisher's Warehouse (a bookstore with outdated books), Tuesday Morning (garage sale indoors), Factory Brand Shoes (a pet store. Riiiiiiight), Lids (a hat store),and Nike (sells Adidas shoes). Ok, out of all of those places, I only bought 1 pair of shoes at the Nike store that were on clearence. First off, the bookstore has never really carried books I liked, the Factory Shoe store had its prices go up (And Dr. Martins don't fit on my feet anymore. Did they ditch the "wide feet comfort" theology?), Lids was worse ($30 for a head covering, nothankyouverymuch), and as you can see, I don't care for Tueday Morning. I got a lot of walking in, however!

There used to be a K*B Toys and a music store, but both went by the wayside, evidently. Borders also used to have a book outlet, but it is gone as well. The heck? My mom wanted to get some Reebok shoes, but their store is gone as well. I think it'll be quite a while before I return there. I haven't been this bugged about their offerings in a long time.

Then we went to a shopping center called "Stonecrest", and we only went to the "Book and Toy" store. Now the last time we went there (several years prior) it had a pretty big toy section with a lot of variety and hard to find games with a sizable book section. We went in, and it was mainly a bookstore with a small toy section with personalized board games and plastic horse figurines. It seems they were sacrificed for a used book section. Anywho, I looked in the books, but saw nothing I wanted. They only had one Peanuts collection and no Pearls Before Swine books. I also looked for their manga section, and what I found was a 4 shelf display with only 4 titles, two being Drangon ballz and Naru d'oh, and the other two were mid series, meaning I didn't get them at all. The rest was American books or comics. Sad. Now before you judge me, I don't base a book retailer solely on humor and comics. I also looked for some titles I've been wanting, but found none of them. My sister was estatic that she found some incredibly rare books, so it made it worth it.

We then went across the street to a strip mall that is the equivalent of Primrose marketplace for those of you who live in Springfield. Instead of a Best Buy, there was a Target, and instead of a PetsMart, there was a PetCo. I went to the later and was impressed by what they had, but couldn't find a toy my cats would appreciate (they are both picky when it comes to toys). It also had a "pet snack bar" and a pit you can scoop cat litter out of. Very nice. Then I went to Target, but only saw one game I wanted, but refrained myself. It was about the same as any other Target I've been to. Then next door to Target was a grocery store I never heard of called HyVee. It was easily the coolest thing I saw all day. It was the biggest non-Sams grocery store I have ever stepped foot in. I would be as bold to say it would rival our supercenter's store size. They has some peach coffee syrup which my sister has been looking for offline, and they had Powerade drink mix (!!!!!!!!) which I have been unable to find anywhere, online or off. I wish I had more time to see what else they had to offer other than Mr. Pibb (and Mr. Pibb Zero). It was nice!

Halfway to Camdenton our van started to steam, so we parked in a Wal*Mart parking lot and waited for a tow truck from Marshfield to come and pick us up. After waiting over three hours he finally came to our rescue. Now you have 4 grown adults squeezing into a two seat truck and you have cramp problems. I was also next to the door which was problematic, I mean call me crazy, but I was afraid of the door flying open with the amount of force I was putting on it. It was also high and bouncy, but not bouncy in a good way. Then the rain started and I was next to an open window. Suprisingly, I have had less comfortable rides on buses, and I was even nodding off halfway through the trip. That fact doesn't suprise me because, as you read yesterday, I was going almost 30 hours without sleep at this point.

We got home, went to get our items out of the van that we bought, and had some Mickey Donalds for dinner. I was out by about 9:30, which is incredibly early by my standards.

I do plan on posting pictures and a timeline of thoughts on things I saw later, but I just wanted you to know why I was tired and posted a very short (but now with explainations, check it out!) Mega Media Monday yesterday. Heck, my tailbone is still sore, so I will leave you with that. Have fun and remember, I loves you :D.

The Allengator