July 19th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

The Lighthearted Entry, and a Sorta Love of Video-ness

Something I decided to do was to not post on here until I had something fun, uplifting, or lighthearted to post, or until Mega Media Monday, whichever came first. I, for one, am tired of the weepy, moany, complainy, emo, sad, depressed, etc. posts on here, and I do want to talk about warm fuzzies or something funny. Want to know a sad fact? Outside the Scribblenauts ESRB, I couldn't think of anything. I don't know if that is telling of things or not, but with stress a plenlty at work, quietness at home, and no good television shows, it makes it hard for someone to find an emotional high anymore. Aside from this, I do have good stuff to report on!

Summer is more or less the time of year I gear up on anime watching, considering that I don't have school and have some more money. Unfortunately, I haven't found but two titles to call good, and one to call "meh", and another I have yet to judge. Both of the good ones are "Pani Poni Dash", which is a spastic, yet sorta organized comedy, and "Ah! My Goddess" which is probably the most charming anime I have seen yet. You can bet your sweet potatoes that I'll be giving them a spotlight on here. The one I gave the "Meh" designation to is "Shuffle!", while I would have gotten because it is an average romantic comedy, I have to refuse to because of some mild nudity. Call me nuts, but any shots of a semi-detailed female chest (aka B00bies!!!111) just isn't comfrotable with me. The humor is mild, but I just don't care for the hard-coreness of it all. The one I haven't passed judgement on is "Hayate the Combat Butler". I know it'll be a good one to watch, I just don't know how good, seeing as all we are currently getting is subbed, and I just can't make myself to watch more then two or three episodes of a subbed anime. I'm also considering of trying out "Best Student Council" and "Toradora!" as soon as I have access to those shows.

If things are working out, I will probably be out of town for the first time in weeks tomorrow. Mega Media Monday will still be on here, but it will probably be late. I am pretty gosh darn excited to finally get out and enjoy myself, well, hopefully enjoy myself. I also may go to Springfield sometime this or next week, so I am getting out more. I can't wait!

Also, I want to declare that my new favorite guitar riff is the riff in "Flying High Again" by Ozzy Osbourne. Tons of modulation is just seconds. It makes me happy!

Isn't chibi Kurumi just cute? Yeah, she looks sad, but.....ITS SO CUTE!

Oh yeah, I am also posting videos every once in a while on my Facebook account, and also once in a while on Youtube, but not too often, as it is a more on a public forum. It'll also have more "review-ish" stuff on it than my Facebook ones will, which will be more or less like a vlog. Again, it won't be as often as, say, the audio blogs, but it'll be once in a while. They will also be short-ish, as my connection here still can't handle megatons of info on the wires.

That's all I have time for today! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another fun M3.

See? I can do a lighthearted one! Yayness!

The Allengator