June 30th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

The Overdue Update on a Certain Profile

So I was going through my profile on Plenty of Fish the other day and realized when I put down "Studying Electronic and Computer Repair at OTC" as my current "about me" status, that it needed to change so I could wow all the ladies out there since...well...I don't seem to be wowing anyone right now....sad......sad panda.....sad...

Anyways, so I decided to update it. What do you think?

Interests: Internet, Electronics, Music, Video Games, Anime, Religion.

About Me: One thing I am horrible at is filling out these (cliche!). I will probably leave something important out and constantly have to revamp this thing. I do keep a blog on livejournal (allengator86) which keeps most of my friends up to date on myself. But here are some basics:

1) I am a nerd/geek/hybrid. I love my gadgets, video game consoles, Internet, and select anime titles muchly so. I watch tame anime, not the adult kind. I'm not old enough for those :P
2) I am still in college, with one degree in computer and electronic repair, and (hopefully) one year of Computer Information Science left. I'm hoping for a job as a website developer, but wouldn't say no to a job controlling robotics or animatronics!
3) I am passionate about my church, and I do everything in my power to make every service. I also teach a night class there on world religions. Maybe you should stop by!
4) My tastes in music is odd to say the least, and I dare you to find a person with the same tastes as myself. I listen primarilly to rock, which includes oldies, classic rock, modern, indie, hair, J-rock, and soundtracks. Yes, video game soundtracks. I am pretty much anti-country and rap/soul/hip hop/etc.
5) One reason I am not fond of filling these things out is that it is hard for me to not include a statement with the word "I" in it, and it makes me feel narcassistic.
6) I use vocabulary words on a whim. I love confusing people with my skullduggery!
7) Reading books is not on my list of things to do. Aside from manga, which I know most people don't consider "real reading", I don't read much more than articles on the Internet.
8) Despite what modern day society begs me to do, I am saving myself for marriage.
9) One quality most people say they think about me is dependability and loyalty.
10) I have most instant messengers. Just ask me for my name and I just may supply it!

As for who I am looking for, just someone I can click with. Its hard for me to define this with specific character traits or quirks. Yeah, just like any blooded human being, I have prefferences, but that is just that.

First Date: Something that wouldn't be over the top, but I wouldn't say 'no' to a meeting in which we plot to take over the world! Ok, maybe go to a coffee shop or someplace where we could talk and get to know each other better. A bookstore perhaps?

So that is it. Is it too pretentious? I don't know, but if I am going to get some attention out there from the opposite sex, then I need to at least put something on there more than what I am studying at college, and I hope this fills the docket.

I mean yeah, no responses or lookings at my profile yet from and women....but...that's ok. Rome wasn't built in a day...right?.......sad panda :<

Patience, Allengator....easy to say.

The Allengator