June 28th, 2009

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Like a Blind Preacher

This entry I am going to dabble a little into religion, but nothing too major. I know its a common turn-off for some people that may or may not read this blog, and I usually don't talk about that or politics, but endulge me this time, pweeeeese!

Anyways, we had some old friends come down to services today, a daughter and son-in-law for a member at our congregation named Lloyd. Anyways, they are a happily married couple with three terrific kids, one who is not even in Jr. High who loves to sing and did an outstanding job in leading songs in both our services. I admire him for being a strong Christian at such a young age. Wish I was that wise. But as long as I've known him, Jacob, he has always been very vocal in his singing. Seriously, the kid's lungs must be strong because he can out sing any of us there. Not a bad thing as long as his heart is in the right place! I have never been so proud or happy about someone coming in and doing that like I did today.

They also came for the evening service and we were supposed to have a preacher from St. Robert come down and preach, but due to some scheduling conflicts, could not make it. So Chris, the son-in-law, took up the podium and what he did I will remember for quite some time.

Our congregation puts a huge emphasis on using the Bible, but here comes Chris, waking up to the podium, no notes, no Bible, just his cane. The reason he needs the cane is because he is blind, and while he can make out a bunch of blurs, he can't tell the difference between my father and I, for example. So he makes it to the podium, and we thought nothing of it, because we trust Chris, as we have known him for a long time. He began to speak, telling us to pick up our Bibles and follow along with his words. He then began to discuss the topic of "people justifying their acts and the perfection of the Word of God".

One thing I wish I did was keep count on how many scriptures he used. He was spitting them out, giving us just seconds to find the specified scriptures, and he was quoting them, word for word. Without his Bible. Without Notes. Just his cane. He talked for about 30-40 minutes (not a complaint) and the whole time he just listed verse after verse, quoting them perfectly. I then felt something I haven't felt in a long long time. Admiration and complete respect.

My mother said something that I am basically reitterating now. I wish I had one tenth of his memory. Maybe that's a blow to my study of the Bible, or maybe its just my confidence, as I can quote a few verses from memory. But all I know is that I would love to have the confidence and truth like Chris does. Maybe some day I can go up to a podium without a Bible or notes and preach just like he did. I will make it a goal, perhaps not to do that exactly, but to at least be able to give a lesson whenever if I don't have a Bible near me. One thing is for sure, my never ending journey to learn about God's will must continue on.

If I continue on this journey, perhaps I can be like a blind preacher.

The Allengator