June 5th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

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Holy gosh! I haven't posted in several days? I didn't realize it. I have just been reunited with my Lappy, so its been a little busy keeping up with the news from everywhere, but I'm caught up nonetheless.

Tuesday I spent the day with my very good friend Aaron, and we just played games all day like we did several years ago. I miss those days a lot. It seemed to happen more often than it does now, since we have grown up and found jobs. It was honestly the most fun and pure happy I have been in for probably weeks, if not months. Seriously. The cares of the world seemed to disappear, I didn't care that I was single, and for a breif period of time, I didn't really feel all that alone in the world. I need him over more often...if our schedules ever work out again.

After taking some time to ingest E3 and the conferences, I sort of take back a few of the comments I made towards Nintendo the other day. I still think it didn't go over well, but the New Super Mario Bros. Wii might be one of the best underrated games of the show. Its a 2D sidecroller, like the previous DS installment, and plays like the old school Mario games. Two major pluses: One, you can ride on Yoshi again(!!!!!) and two, the koopa kida are back!!!!!(NOT talking about multiple Bowser Jrs., but the ones from Super Mario Bros. 3 and World. I thought Nintendo forgot about those guys...). There are also going to be around 80 levels and will feature some Miyamoto call "tough for all gamers". I hope its true because I haven't really had a challenge with a Mario game since Mario Bros. 2 aka "The Lost Levels".

A new anime I have plenty of love for has to be Full Metal Panic, and I am currently watching "The Second Raid", and while the gratuitous violence (you see a guy get his throat slit open, lots of blood) and nudity worse than Negima!? (believe it or not, you actually see some nipple action. Yikes!), it is actually a nice watch as well as being funny. I reccomend it to kids over 17.

That is all I has for you for now. I will try to have more later. Bye!

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