June 2nd, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Initial E3 2009 Nintendo Press Conference Impressions

Here is my main thing: It was better than last years.

That being said, it just seemed....empty, somehow. Don't get me wrong, it was alright, but seemed to be missing something, and I'm not talking about Zelda either.

There are several games I could say I am sort of excited about. New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks ok, but seems...er...busy, to say the least. I liked the DS version, but with multiplayer functionality, its like Mario Bros. with a scrollable environment.

Mario and Luigi 3 is a game I want to see and have. I have long enjoyed Mario RPG games, and this one looks interesting enough to hold my attention for a while.

Golden Sun DS....um....I know people wanted it....but...I know nothing about it, so I can't make an opinion about it or not.

Super Mario Galaxy 2. Fine, I am more than OK with this, especially with the Yoshi upgrade, but seriously? Galaxy 2? Couldn't you just do a fancier Super Mario 64? I liked Galaxy, don't get me wrong, but two games of flipping and upsidedowness seems...a bit much. Me want much though. Yes, I am a complicated gamer.

The biggest thing would definately be Metroid somethingortheother M, which looks like an immersive, storytelling, darker Metroid than in times past. It actually looks good and appears to not only have 3D shooting, but also have some 2D-ness as well. If I actually liked the Metroid franchise, I would probably be spazzing right now, but I honestly never found a Metroid game I could sink my non-fangs in to. It looks sweet, though.

Sadly, we just see another graphic of "Spirit Tracks", the game I alsmot refuse to get excited over, no Sin and Punishment 2, DSi software that was already out in Japan, suprise suprise, hardly any recognition of DS titles outside of some third party shovelware/stuff and Golden Sun, some..uh....vitality (the heck?) attachment, amongst other things made this a yawnable conference.

Maybe it was the Mario overload. Waaaaay too much Mario. Again, totally psyched, but not "geeking out". I have never touched an XBox, but I saw bits oftheir conference yesterday and it sadly outperformed Nintendo by a lot.

As for my hopes that I never got to upload due to power failures, no Smash Bros. DS (C'mon, you know you want it. Its a money printing game without doubt), no "Nintendo points" merging (DSi and Wii points are seperate and non transferrable as of now), and no virtual console/handheld love for the DSi. Any one of those would have made me a happy camper beyond belief. Instead, I am here, kinda sleepy, wondering if these things will ever come up.

So all in all, I would give Nintendo a grade of C-. They are on the right track, they just need to keep persuing this trend farther. Lets try some innovation instead of saturating the market with sequels, epic sequels, no doubt, but more of the same, sadly.

Time to see what Sony has to say.

The Allengator