May 24th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Likes, Comments, and Lack Thereof

Simple entry today. Nothing too fancy.

You see a table and you notice there are two books on there. Let's say one is an inspirational book that holds special meaning to you, and can be thought provoking or change your views of the world. The author has a reputation of striving to maintain the high standard of quality, and releases new books once in a while. Time and effort was put into this by the author and it holds hundreds of original and well documented scribings. For sake of argument, let's call this book number 1.

You notice the other book. It is the collective history of rednecks and shotguns with only 5 pages, a new volume is released a week, or multiple volumes are released on the same day, mostly pictures, and no research or time taken on it whatsoever. Let's call this book number two.

So you have a choice, you can reccomend, review, and read either book number one, or book number two. Which one would you choose? I think it would be a safe assumption that you would choose number one, right?

Not that I think that this is a direct parallel, but I think its a fairly sound analogy with how I feel about my blogging and social networking vs. most other people. I don't post often, or when I do, its something I put effort into. I sit here, nearly in tears writing something from my soul, or type up something that I think should encourage comments, or try to make a new series of posts that could encourage discussion or ideas, and get little to nothing in feedback, then find out someone posted a new picture, took a latest quiz, told us about they arrived to/from work, or heaven forbid did another one of those stinking surveys for the umpteenth time in the same day and gets comments out the wazoo. Not that I am tooting my own horn or anything, this blog is lightyears away from literacy gold, but I do think it deserves some more rep since, hypothetically "what kind of doody are you" quiz results would probably garner more comments than anything I ever type.

In the end, I guess people go for the second book....

The Allengator