May 23rd, 2009

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Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody Review

So in case you haven't seen me on Facebook all fanboying out, there is a second series of episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya that started earlier this week. Now the way they are presenting these episodes is by intermixing them with the previous 14 episodes, so there will possibly (and probably) be 14 new episodes for the first time in three years! I know I haven't had to wait as long (about a year) for the episodes, but I thought the wait was too long, and I didn't have to wait the entire period.

As I was saying, the episodes are being shown in chronological (read: novel) order, so I have no clue when the next new episode will be. Most are assuming the next one will be "Endless Eight" which will air in 4 weeks, and that seems reasonable to me. However the only thing we know for sure is that this series will at least have "The Dissappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" in it, which I am looking all too forward to.

One other thing to point out is that the animation quality isn't the same as the first series. It seems more "cartoony", but more vibrant, than the first series, which I was kind of disappointed in, as I really don't want to see a difference between the two series, kind of like School Rumble, whose quality is pretty mcuh consistant throughout the series. However, the changes are subtle enough where it may distract at first, but after the initial shock, is not as distracting. Its kind of like getting into a pool of water, with the shock of the water being a bit different, but your body gets used to it.

In any case, this week's episode was "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody", and I am going to review it the best I can (I watched a fan-sub of it, but it seemed legit). I will put it behind a link so those of you who want to remain unspoiled will be unspoiled.

Again, I know I just said it, but to reittorate, for those of you waiting for the "offical" sub, dub, or novel will not want to see. There are spoilers ahead!

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I have no idea whether I will be reviewing or watching any subsequent episodes of the new season (since sub are only in *shudder* torrents, and my school has a very strict "no torrents" policy), but you can bet you will probably hear more within the coming weeks.

Until next time.

The Allengator