May 20th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Yes, Another List of Summer Competancies

So there I was, driving home, then the guy on the radio started to talk. He was talking about newpapers and how they were a dying breed, which is all well and true. Then he said he has a revelation, which was that he wants the newpapers to stay around for reasons other than the news that is on them. He said that newpaper makes good paper mache. Right....then he said that its useful to train the dog. Right about then I was starting to get worried about this guy on the radio. Then came the end of his theories, and the reasons thereof.

He figured this all out when he was on the toilet reading a newpaper.

Why I bothered to bring this up is beyond me, but I like sharing random stories of my life, which I why I have this blog in the first place. I would talk about work, bash it some, but my "social circle" is getting to the point where I am becoming "connected" with more and more people from work, so I am refraining myself moreso than usual. I have a lot to spill, but this is no longer a viable outlet for that sort of thing. Sorry for those of you who enjoy my bashing of employment, and I am not saying you won't hear stories on here, you know, of wacky stuff, but I can't bash :(.

One game I recently got into is called "Plants Vs. Zombies", and its not a bad play. You plant flowers to defend your home from being invaded by zombies. Its a fun romp, and requires not only strategy, but also some luck as well. A very heartily reccommendation from me.

There are other things I am sure to want to talk about, but I do want to leave with a list of summertime competencies.

Firstly, I want to go somewhere, which isn't easy given my weekly schedule. I work Monday through Wednesday, then Friday and Saturday. I have church on both Thursday and Sunday nights, so I don't really get a free evening, so if I did go anywhere outside of Springfield, I would have to gun it, which isn't very much fun. I guess Thrusday would be the day of choice to go anywhere, but that isn't real feasible at this point in time.

Another thing is I want to accomplish something on the video game end. I'm thinking of playing through Zelda: Twilight Princess again. Sounds like a fun task, considering that my chances of getting a new game that is good between now and then are slim since nothing real good has come out for the Wii of DS the past few weeks, and the coming ones as well.

One last thing I want to do is locate and find some more anime/manga to be interested in. I recently got Full Metal Panic, and have enjoyed it to some extent, but I know there are ones out there that cater to my personal tastes just as much if not better. Haruhi is FINALLY getting a second season, but it probably won't be out in the states for at least another year or so.

That is all for now. I have some zombies that need pruning from my plants. Srsly.

The Allengator