May 17th, 2009

Ice King, Adventure Time

Lyrics Test 8 - True Oldies Edition

Yes, we have the songs that define classic on here this time. None of these songs are younger than 1967. This time no artist was repeated. Remember, you don't need to know the artist to guess, and someone wlse can guess the artist. Also, be fair and don't Google these lyrics. Try to guess them. You may be suprised what you may know. Hints will be up in a day or two and artists will be added shortly thereafter. With that, onto the questions.

2) Within the prison walls of my mind. If still apart of you let behind.

4) Tried to hitch a ride to San Francisco, gotta do the things I wanna do. And the lights all went down in *Song Title* they brought me back to see my way with you.

5) Soft summer breeze and the surf rolls in to laughter of small children playin'. Someone's radio has the news tuned in but nobody cares what he's sayin'.

6) Yes, it's springtime, golden sunshine and we're glad, my little love and I now that summertime is nigh.

7) Now we gotta run, mmmm-mm-mm. No more time for fun, mmmm-mm-mm. When we're gettin' angry, mmmm-mm-mm. We will yell with all of our might.

11) So I went to the corner just to ease my pains. Yeah, just to ease my pains

12) The time has come, for closing books and long last looks must end, and as I leave, I know that I am leaving my best friend.

13) I wake up in the morning and I wonder why everything's the same as it was. I can't understand, no, I can't understand how life goes on the way it does.

14) "I've been cookin' all morning and you haven't touched a single bite" "That nice young preacher, Brother Taylor, dropped by today" "Said he'd be pleased to have dinner on Sunday, oh, by the way"

15) Who's tripping down the streets of the city smilin' at everybody she sees? Who's reachin' out to capture a moment?

16) Bells will ring, the sun will shine (whoa-whoa-whoa). I'll be his and he'll be mine.

17) Don't you understand, what I'm trying to say? Nn, Can't you feel the fears that I'm feeling today? If the button is pushed, there's no running away...

18) Where the air is fine with the sweet smell of pine and the countryside's pretty. And you'll see daffodils, peepin' over the hill or a honey-lovin' mama bear...

19) Somebody said he came from New Orleans where he got in a fight over a Cajun Queen and a crashin' blow from a huge right hand sent a Louisiana fellow to the Promised Land...


1) Watch my daddy in bed a-dyin'. Watched his hair been turnin' grey, yeah. He's been workin' and slavin' his life away. I know he's been workin' so hard. - We Gotta get Out of This Place - The Animals

3) Other arms reach out to me. Other eyes smile tenderly. Still in peaceful dreams I see the road leads back to you. - Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles

8) As I walk along, I wonder what went wrong, With our love, a love that was so strong. - Runaway - Del Shannon

9) And if you would let them hold you oh, how grateful I will be. These arms of mine they are burning, burning from wanting you. - These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding

10) We always take my car cause its never been beat and weve never missed yet with the girls we meet. - I Get Around - The Beach Boys

20) I went down, down, down and the flames went higher... - Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

Best of luck!

The Allengator
Ice King, Adventure Time

Chuck is Renewed For a Third Season

From EOnline:

"...starting with the very happy news (just confirmed by studio Warner Bros.) that Chuck will return to NBC for at least 13 episodes next season. (Don't know if you heard, but Zachary Levi's Chuck now knows kung fu, so the upcoming third season is guaranteed to be kickass!) The "catch," if you can call it that, is that NBC wants a lower-budget version of the show, but that just sounds like status quo in this economy. We'll take the hit! Congrats to all who helped #savechuck!"

Can we get a "heck yes!" in here? Thought so. HECK YES!!!!!

More on this as events warrant, including the rumored move to the Friday night death slot...*gulp*!

The Allengator